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Daylight Savings Time Stinks

I came home tonight and thought about going to the gym and swimming some laps.  It was getting dark outside, so I thought about just getting ready for bed, eating dinner while watching the Biggest Loser, and hitting the hay.  I started changing into my warm jammies, then I looked at the clock and saw that it was only 6 p.m.!  What?!  Dang!!  So, I forced myself to put my swimsuit on and swam laps.  I’m glad I did; I feel a lot better.  Is this how it is going to feel until March?  Blah.

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Halloween was lots of fun!  Terry and I went to my brother’s house, as we do every year.  My brother, Mario, puts out this elaborate display in his garage and out into his driveway with strobes, fog, black lights, ghosts, a giant spider, webs, etc.  Then, we dress up in different ways and scare the kids (not the wee ones, though).  This year, Mario dressed as Michael Myers in a coffin, Terry dressed as a demon holding a machete wearing a mask and robe, and I dressed as a rocker/biker mannequin.  Jimmy, my brother’s friend, usually dresses up, also.  This year, he was having so much fun with the kids that he just handed 0ut candy.  Jimmy’s commentary was so funny that it was hard to be still and not laugh. 

Here are some Jimmyisms:

  • An 8 year-old pimp?  That’s just not right.
  • What’s up with Spiderman’s muscles? (4 year-old with stuffed Spidey suit) 
  • Hey Michael (Mario’s 8 year-old son), stop messing with the help. (trying to get us to move)
  • We have victims.
  • It’s nice to see the older kids actually using some creativity this year instead of just coming around with a bag and getting free candy.

After a little 4 year-old girl had already gotten her candy, Jimmy put a candy bar on the giant spider and told her that if she picked it up, she could have that one, too.  She thought about it…but ended up walking away.

We had groups of people at the end of the driveway.  Parents were practically pushing their kids to go up the drive to get candy.  Terry actually scared some of the adults that didn’t realize he was real.  It was another successful year!

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Mail Rage

I was at the post office today putting stamps on envelopes, not exciting in itself.  It was just after noon, closing time for the service counter.  They were finishing up the last of the customers that were in line before noon when a man came in carrying a package.  The manager told him that they closed at noon, but he could use the automated service counter.  He did not move.  She told him again to move to the automated service counter.  He did not move, and he pointed out, “They are still helping people.”  She explained that they were in line before noon.  He still did not move.  She directed him to the automated counter again and said she would call the police if he did not move.  He stayed put; she called the police.  I nervously licked the envelopes,  trying to get my mail done so that I could get the heck out of there.  I mean, what if he…do I dare say it…went postal?!   I guess he saw the police arrive, because he moved to the automated service counter.  The police came in and talked with the manager.  I finished my mail and left.  I did not see anything in the news, so I guess it ended peacefully.

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