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Noisy Snacks

Have you noticed the new packaging of some snacks?  Sun Chips have a new bag that makes a super loud crinkle sound, even when you barely touch it.  Seriously, you could breathe on the bag and it would sound like the noise was amplified over a loudspeaker.  I tried to quietly unwrap and snack on a Nutrigrain bar (the new high antioxidant ones) in-between classes last week, and every time I moved the wrapper, loudness.  It would be really helpful if other snack foods (candy bar wrappers, potato chip bags, etc.) would use this packaging!  I think I would avoid snacking; I really don’t like drawing attention to myself if I am eating potato chips out of the bag.

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Will the Power

How is it that I can go all day and eat fruits, veggies, perfect portions, etc. then after dinner my son eats an apple tart with ice cream, and I join him?  Oh, and don’t forget the potato chip appetizer before dinner.  Ugh.

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Generation Gap?

Part 1

Students have all kinds of expressions they use to describe things in their world.  Boys can make up with some pretty raunchy ones, like “bean dipping.”  We met with the high school students today to clarify some behavior and corresponding rules.  The adult in charge of the meeting asked the students to give examples of what they would consider horseplay.  

One student said, “Like when someone grabs for your honey bun and someone gets hit in the face.” 

The leader said, “Help me out with that.  What does that mean?”  They seemed confused, and she said, “What is a honey bun?” 

“Uh, they’re those buns that you eat at breakfast…”

“Oh,” she responds.  “I thought it was one of those made up expressions you all have.”

Part 2

The middle school students were practicing tennis on the courts today.  On the courts next to us, a couple in their 70s were playing.  The couple actually had some skills.  As we were leaving, one of the students called out, “You guys are beasts!”  They didn’t respond.  I softly said to him, “I am not sure they understand what that means.  Tell them they are good.”  He yelled out to them that they were good, and the gentleman responded with a smile, “We get a good shot now and then.”

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No Fear

I am half-way through reading Eat, Pray, Love, and the author brings up the fact that humans are the only species aware that death is in the future.  All other living things do not think about, or even know about, their inevitable deaths.  That got me to thinking…about squirrels, for one.  Is that how they can climb way up in trees, because they haven’t a clue that one false move, one slip on the bark, and they could plummet to their death?  They happily scurry up and down the tree trunk, just content in the moment.  I wonder what it would be like to have no concept of death.

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The End of Summer

Funny, we used to think of summer’s end as the time when school started.  Officially, summer does not end until about 3/4 of the way through September, but the beginning of September was close enough.  We would decorate our classrooms with colored leaves, apples, acorns, and other items that had to do with the quickly approaching autumn.  Traditionally, back-to-school clothes were sweaters and long pants.  Cooler weather meant football games, bonfires, and open windows taking over for air-conditioners.

Since school started August 10 in our district, that doesn’t really hold true anymore.  We have been in school for four weeks, and I still haven’t seen the first local, fresh apples of the season on sale at the grocery.  We may need to start decorating with bright suns, swimming pools, etc. in classrooms.  Back to school clothes might start looking like shorts and sundresses; otherwise, you might hear Mom saying, “Sorry honey, you can’t wear your new back-to-school clothes until it cools down outside.  Try again in about a month.” 

It is sad to see some traditions go.  There was a certain amount of comfort when going back to school signaled the end of summer.

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