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Baby Barf

If you think formula spit up smells nasty, just wait until they start eating veggies.  Whoever came up with the vomit in The Exorcist must have had a little one in their life.  Word to the wise:  wear old paint clothes at feeding time during this stage.

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Pint Sized Self-Control

A four year-old sitting in the seat of a shopping cart says calmly to his mother, “I am losing my patience.”

Usually a four year-old losing his patience looks and sounds like loud stomping, screaming, crying, and/or whining.

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ADD Baker

I was baking banana bread yesterday.  After I had the batter mixed, it just didn’t look like the right consistency.  I was bewildered and wondered what to do when I realized that the mashed bananas were still in their bowl right in front of me.  What do you call banana bread with no bananas?

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Goodbye Summer

Summer vacation is ending soon in our school district.  We teachers are back at our program August 5.  Wow, that feels really early!

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Independence Day.  Our family (brother and fam, Mom and Dad, friends) went camping for the July 4th weekend.  It was extremely hot, so we went to the campground beach to celebrate the holiday.  My sister-in-law and niece swam out to the buoy and back using buoyant “noodles.”  When they got back, I decided to give it a go.  I have open water swimming experience through sprint triathlons, so I felt comfortable swimming to the buoy and back without assistance. 

Halfway out, alone, I realized that there were no lifeguards or rescuers on jet skis.  It was just me and water too deep to touch and too murky to see more than a few inches down.  I started to tense as I pondered the fact that none of my family are good swimmers, and if I should get a cramp or start feeling dizzy from the rocking of the boat wakes, help was a few minutes off.   I would be a goner.  A little pang of panic struck, but then I talked myself into relaxing and enjoying the swim.

On the way back to the designated swim area, it occurred to me that I had forgotten to make a point of reference on the shoreline.  I was way off course (accidentally went to farthest buoy), and I wasn’t sure which group of people were my family.  I finally got close enough that they started waving their hands to get me back on course.  When I got back to them, I said to my husband, “That was probably pretty stupid.”  “He just smiled and said, “Ya think?” 

In the future I will be safer and have someone swim beside me with an inflatable ring.  Sometimes we  feel invincible, until we realize there are no safety nets.

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I’m Baaaaack!

I have been on summer break, and I really took a break!  I am back now, refreshed and ready to go.

I was sitting in a doctor office waiting room when I spotted a window washer’s worst nightmare:  a bored five-year old girl.  She was outside the office door waiting for her dad.  She turned and pressed her nose against the glass, stepped back and blew on the glass, and drew pictures in the dew left by her breath.  The little girl repeated this sequence 3-4 times.  When it was time for her to go, she rubbed the glass with both hands to “clean it off.”

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