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Wacky Wednesday

In celebration of the upcoming Spring Break, the staff at our school dressed up wacky and weird.  We did not tell the students; we wanted to see their raw, confused expressions.

I monitor the sidewalk and greet the students as they unload from the busses, so I was the first one that the students saw.  I wore an 80’s style, full-length, hot pink bridesmaid dress, complete with big, puffy shoulders, a big pink bow closure and 3 strands of white simulated pearls across the open back.  I had a tie-dye t-shirt underneath and wore running shoes.  My accessories were a rhinestone tennis bracelet on one wrist, a big, black, sports watch on the other, and long, dangling pink earrings.

As the students got off of the busses and walked past me, I got all kinds of looks.  One high school student paused as he got to me, looked me up and down, and said, “That doesn’t match.”  Forget the fact I was wearing a pink, floor-length formal-it didn’t match.  Another student made quick strides to me and said, “Did you pick the teams yet for basketball?”  Like he didn’t even notice I was wearing anything out of the ordinary.  During the elementary PE class, a first grader ran up to me as I was teaching basketball skills and said in his adorable, squeaky, cartoon voice, “It’s time for you to take that off.  You are a PE teacher, not a princess.” 

I love my job!  :0)

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Personal Best!

I ran six miles straight on Saturday; that is the longest distance I have ever run at one time!  I have done a combination run/walk further distances (a full marathon), but I ran all six miles Saturday!  I have to admit, I did walk through some water stations when I actually got a drink.  I tried to run through them at first, but when Gatorade went up my nose, I decided to walk and drink through the last two.

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Dinner Disaster

Well, last night’s dinner was a total flop.  I was craving pancakes.  I know, they are not the greatest nutrition choice, but I really wanted them.  First, the Bisquick expiration date said “Better if used by January 2010.”  I figured since it didn’t say “Use by,” and hadn’t even been opened yet, that it would be okay.  Wrong!  The pancakes tasted like they were made with paste.  I tried one with butter and syrup, one with blueberries in them, and one with peanut butter and syrup.  They still tasted like paste.  Then, the pan with the pre-cooked sausage links was full of grease.  They have never gotten greasy like that in the past.  My husband’s pure maple syrup bottle had about a tablespoon in it, so Terry decided to try the huckleberry syrup that we brought back from Montana a year and a half ago.  It was still full on the pantry shelf, but I asked him if it was still sealed, just to be safe.  Nope, somebody had opened it, pulled off the seal, smelled it, put the cap back on, and left it on the shelf.  I am taking a not so wild guess that it was one of our curious boys.  Terry decided to try it anyway.  I sniffed it; it smelled like wine.  His face told me that it probably tasted like wine.  He dumped the pancakes and had a bowl of cereal.  I won’t crave pancakes again for a long while.

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Ugly Fruit

Have you ever had an apple look deliciously red and crisp on the outside and be soft and tasteless once you bite it?  Or the sight of an orange whose beautiful peel makes your mouth water, but you eat it and it is tough and dry?  How about a watermelon that is pale when you cut it?  Why is it that a chocolate candy bar never disappoints, but something good for you that looks yummy can end up being so unsatisfying?  If fruit were as dependable on quality flavor as a Milky Way, I think I could give up candy bars.  Not forever, but I would eat them way less.

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Oops, Again

I was in a real hurry tonight, as usual.  I met with the women from church right after school to do a Bible study while we made dinner to take home to our families.  After that, I hurried home, opened the Pathfinder’s back hatch, grabbed the dishes, ran the food inside, and put it in the refrigerator until after my workout.  I jumped back into the car to go to the workout center, backed out of the driveway, and started through the neighborhood.  It felt drafty, so I pushed the buttons to make sure the windows were rolled up; they were.  I could hear the birds singing loudly enough that it seemed like a window was open.  I checked the buttons, again.  Then, I looked in the rearview mirror at the car behind me.  The back hatch was open!  I was coming into the roundabout, so I had to keep going forward.  I went a little way and pulled into the pool parking lot.  I wonder what that guy behind me was thinking…

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