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How hot does a 104 degrees day feel? Here are a few ideas:

  • The temperature in Indiana was hotter than Miami, and there was humidity, too.
  • My husband, Terry, took a friend’s new motorcycle for a test ride. Usually it feels nice to ride in the open air, but Terry described the feeling in triple digit heat as “riding into a blow dryer on highest and hottest settings. The faster I rode, the hotter it felt.” I did not ask how fast was faster.
  • I tried to fry the proverbial egg on the sidewalk. The outside edges got crispy, and after an hour the white and yolk congealed but were not totally cooked. Who knows what another hour would have brought, but I got kind of bored and I needed to go to the grocery, anyway. I think I waited too long into the day; the sun wasn’t directly overhead. Yeah, that must have been it.


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