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A Perspective of Wealth

The lottery jackpot is $500,000,000. I would just like to eat bread, spices, fruits, and veggies (besides green beans) without my throat swelling and my body itching. I have a whole new appreciation for the important things in life.

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Search Engine Oops

I googled for info on my itchy skin. What is causing it? Is it diet related? Allergy? I found a site that seemed to answer my questions, until I read that the itching is noticeable around the muzzle, ears, and underbelly. I looked at the title of the webpage:  Great Dane Lady. The article was about an itching dog! At least I got a laugh after being miserable with this itching.

I do have some idea what is causing it. One diagnosis could be a salicylate sensitivity. When I eat, sometimes my throat swells. Then, I itch a few hours later. Salicylates are found in all fruits, all spices, perfume, most vegetables, and beauty/cleansing products, etc. That might explain my scent sensitivity and ear trouble. The result is eating only beef, chicken (not injected with broth), peas, green beans, plain oatmeal, and eggs. As the levels lower in the body, the symptoms will hopefully decrease, letting me add some of the foods back into my diet. I am taking prednisone to help lower salicylates, to see if I can get off of this restricted diet quicker than 6 months.

For now, I will use more caution when surfing the web. No more canine treatment sites for me! Although, the laugh was healing, so the article wasn’t a total loss.

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Opposites Attract

When I was in the Air Force, my dearest friend liked dark meat and I liked white. This worked out wonderfully for the both of us. I don’t think we ever downed an entire chicken, though. Did we, Kim?

I have a best friend who dresses with style. We were going to a tea tasting, and I had on a blouse with stylish sweater, jeans, and running shoes. It didn’t look very cohesive, but I didn’t know how far we would have to walk, and I wanted comfortable feet. I asked her, “This doesn’t really go together, does it?” She replied, “Wear the running shoes and the running shoes will be fine.” Thanks for accepting me just as I am, Charlene.

I have a sweet friend with no sense of smell, and I have a hyper sense of smell. She sent me some candles via her husband. They were odor eating, and by order eating they must have meant their odor would eat up any other smell in the vicinity. It didn’t work out too well for the candles (gave them to another friend), but your kind gesture made me love you even more, Erin. Thanks for making me smile, once again!

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First Race of the Season

After several health related issues recently (bruised shoulder, bruised nose, some weird food sensitivity:  itching, swelling, etc.), I feel pretty darn good about finishing my first half marathon race of the spring yesterday in 2:21:24. I knew it would be somewhat painful, since I had only completed 8 miles in training. The weather wasn’t ideal. The temperature started in the 50s, but it was very humid, and there was a headwind during the second half of the race.

My recovery is going pretty well; I only feel a little soreness. It must have been the post-race play time with my grandson, Gavin, that helped work out the tight muscles. It doesn’t get any better of a day than that!

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Bring on the Darkness

Well, I have to say that dimming the lights and not watching the t.v. or computer screen for 30-60 minutes before bedtime has helped me to fall asleep quickly when my head hits the pillow. I did not wake up in the middle of the night last night, so that is an improvement. Kudos, Dr. Oz. Now, if I can get my head to the pillow earlier, I might actually start to feel well rested!

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Work to Sleep?

I’ve heard of work to eat, but work to sleep? I got a link about sleep help from Dr. Oz, and he says we don’t just fall asleep; we have to work at getting our Zs. A few of the suggestions:  keep the room a comfortable temperature (65 degrees is ideal), dim the lights and stop watching t.v./looking at the computer screen an hour before bedtime, get rid of distractions (noise, light) that might keep you awake after you are in bed, and go to bed at a consistent hour every night.

So, I took stock of my sleeping routine/environment. The consistent hour thing will be the hardest. The dim lights explanation is very intriguing. There is a little area in the brain that keeps the brain alert when it senses light from the eyes. Darkness signals that part of the brain to get ready for sleepy time. The only distraction in the room might be my lighted clock. My husband might be a distraction, but there’s no way I’m getting rid of him! We are leaving the best time of year for sleeping temperatures and entering sultry temps; my husband had a fit last night when I turned on the AC (in March, in Indiana) to cool down the bedroom. He didn’t put up much of a fight, though. It was a record high of 83 degrees Wednesday, after all.

I tried working at sleeping the last two nights. Both nights I got up at 2:30 and 4:30 a.m. I’m not sure what is up with that; maybe my body thinks it is taking a coffee break in reverse. If sleep is work, then maybe waking for a short period is like taking a break from work? No more breaks; the boss has spoken! 

Only time will tell if my work to sleep program is effective, but it is worth a shot. What do I have to lose? I’m already losing too much sleep.

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I have gotten the hang of reduced added sugar in my food. Now, I have another issue I want to tackle:  sleep. I have blogged about this before, and still I do not sleep. How do you shut the brain off? I don’t watch television past 10 p.m., and that is only two days a week when my favorite shows air. The other nights I can go to bed earlier, but I always find things to do that keep me awake (laundry, dishes, etc.) I was more relaxed when I drank a cup of hot, decaf tea before bed, and I fell asleep more easily, but now I have to keep tea out of my diet due to sensitivities. I tried to make a schedule, but I can’t seem to fit everything into one day. How do others do it? Or are others just as sleep deprived? I exercise regularly and try to eat right. What keeps me from sleeping? Hormones? Taking on too much? Really, I would like some advice from others.

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