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Coed Shower

We are not talking about cleanliness here.  We had a coed baby shower for my daughter yesterday.  I was trying to think of items to buy for game prizes, but it is kind of tough when you can’t buy just girly things.  Guys are hard enough to buy for when you just want to get a birthday or Christmas present.  I ended up getting a fleece blanket and a stainless steel water bottle.  Two women ended up winning, anyway.

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Copier Meltdown and Running Strong

Yesterday, I did not have my finest hour.  The new copier at work would not do what I wanted it to do, and I had a complete breakdown.  I think fatigue and PMS had something more to do with it, but that copier not doing what I wanted was the final straw.  The tears came streaming down, and I could not stop them.  My friend, Kara, came in and thought the tears were about my father-in-law, who just had surgery.  She laughed after I told her about the copier, and she said, “Well, I am so relieved to know it isn’t your father-in-law.”  The weird thing, I felt so much better afterward.  Sometimes you just need a good cry.

Today, I ran a 9.3 mile trail race at Fort Ben.  I ran my fastest long run time pace at 11.27 minutes per mile.  That isn’t breaking any land speed records, but for me, through the woods and on hills, it is awesome!!  I did strain my ankles, but I think it is minor.  Oh, and I almost got lost again (see Running Through the Woods blog).  I was looking down, so that I wouldn’t stumble on some tractor tire ruts, when somebody started yelling, “Left,” and I looked up to see I was headed for the horse barn.  The race was so much fun; it was a perfect morning for running.   My goal is to always try and not be last.  Today, I was second to last, but I wasn’t last!  :0)

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I am training for a trail marathon in December, and I am trying to eat right, get in the miles, etc.  At lunch today, one of our first graders got to buy ala carte for the first time.  He was so excited!  They had drumstick ice cream cones today, and he has been wanting one for a long time.  He started to eat it from the bottom first, then he tried to eat around the crunchy stuff on top.  “I love ice cream!” he exclaimed as he licked his dripping cone.  It looked so good that I decided to splurge and get one.  I was trying to eat it inconspicuously when, from across the room, I hear his excited little cartoon voice yell, “Hey PE teacher, you got ala carte, too?”  At least my 2nd period health class was not in there to witness my consumption of food from the top of the food guide pyramid.

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Weekend Update

It was a looong weekend.  I went home Friday at noon with chills, aches, intestinal issues, etc.  I slept hard (the drool kind), but still felt achy when I got up.  Around 7:00 p.m., I could feel the bug, or whatever it was, leaving my body.  Terry’s niece, Tiffany, and her girls stayed with us Friday night.  Saturday, I was feeling pretty much good as new.  We (Terry, Brad, Tiffany & girls) drove 6 hours to Wisconsin and spent time with Terry’s family.  It was good to see everyone.  Brad and I drove home on Sunday.  Terry & Tiffany stayed for Terry’s dad’s surgery on Tuesday (having bladder removed due to cancer).

On a lighter note, Tiffany’s girls, Jaelynn (3) and Gaby (11 months), were an absolute joy.   Brad and Jaelynn built a fort with tray tables and blankets.  Brad took it down, because he didn’t want Gaby to get hurt.  Jaelynn came up to me and said, “Your brother took down my house.”  Wow, that made me feel good, even if she doesn’t get the whole family tree thing!  I can’t wait to be a grandma! 

On the other hand, on the way home from Wisconsin, the McDonald’s guy asked me if I needed the senior discount; I am 45 years old.  I told him no and explained it’s the gray hair thing.  He got all embarrassed, but I just laughed it off and told him I should start asking for a discount anyway.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous!  I had two good runs on Saturday afternoon and tonight.  I don’t know how long the warmth will last, but I am going to enjoy this little gift from God while it is here!

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So, just to clarify yesterday’s post, Indiana is not on Daylight Savings Time right now; this is the time we observed for all of those years when we didn’t change our clocks (eastern time).  However, a couple of months a go when it was Daylight Savings Time, it was still light out after 9 p.m.  The point being that losing light that quickly really screws you up.

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