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It’s Been a While

I haven’t written in some time. I went through a rough patch and didn’t really feel like writing. In June, I hurt my foot while my shoulder was still injured, so I couldn’t walk briskly, run, bike, or swim for a few months. This led to weight gain, which I am still trying to work off. My Aunt Betty passed away in July. I spent the summer writing a short story of my life for a magazine contest, only to find out that if I submitted it, I would have to give up all rights, with or without compensation. That was something I just was not willing to do; I mean, it was MY story. I have been dealing with this being our program’s last school year with the seven school districts and all of the changes that brings. It hasn’t been all gloom and doom, and I have had many laughs, I just haven’t been in the mood to write.

That has changed now, and I am ready to share, again. So, if you had followed my little snickers at life, watch for new insights coming soon. Oh, and thanks, Aunt Wink, for encouraging me to keep writing. It means a lot.

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