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Marathon Conversations

A marathon takes up hours of your day. There are many sights to see and cheering spectators on the course, but that isn’t the only entertainment. There are periods of time when there is no music and the roadside is bare, except for the aid stations, and you have the opportunity to hear conversations between runners and volunteers that bring a smile to your lips. Here are a few of my favorites from the Air Force Marathon last month.

Along the course, I saw two runners who were blind, each being led by a sighted guide. The blind runner of the first pair held the arm of the sighted runner, and the second pair held a short rope between them. What dedication both runners and guides must have to train for a marathon together! The second runner was wearing a bright orange shirt that said BLIND RUNNER on the back.

Male runner behind me:  “Hey, a blind runner.”

Female response:  “Where?”

Male runner:  “The guy in front of you with the bright orange shirt.

Female runner:  “Oh.”

Somewhere in the second half of the marathon there was an aid station with a late middle-aged couple just ahead of it who were telling runners where to go for hydration. He wore jean shorts and a shirt that he probably donned when attending Jimmy Buffett concerts; she looked equally comfortable.

Wife yells out:  “Water on the left, Gatorade on the right!”

Husband yells out:  “Water on the left, Gatorade on the right, cold beer in the back!”

Wife, exasperated, turns and yells at husband:  “Stop telling them that! There isn’t any beer!”

Husband, grinning slyly:  “They know that, but they think it’s funny.”

With the endearing way he looked at her after she turned back around, I think he was having more fun teasing her than entertaining us.

Around mile 23, as delirium set in, I heard a conversation from a group trying to find meaning in the insanity of completing 26.2 miles.

Female runner:  “Why are we out here?!”

Male runner #1:  “This is one New Year’s resolution gone wrong. Alcohol may have been involved.”

Male runner #2:  “Yes, alcohol was definitely involved.”

I am so glad I ran my race without music in my ears; otherwise, I would have missed out on some great entertainment.

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