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Rain pouring at 5:00 a.m. on a Saturday. I check the radar. It might stop by 7:00 a.m. Do I go for it, or do I stay in bed? I encourage my students to show grit, and my Run 4 buddy shows her grit, so I roll out and head for the Geist 10K.

On the way, I hit a few pockets of heavy rain. Ugh, why didn’t I stay in bed? There were several reasons, I was to find out.

I parked, and as I got geared up the precipitation slowed to a light sprinkle. Throughout the race, it was mostly dry with a few sprinkles. Praise! I saw my sister-in-law, Denise, and nephew, Josh, before the race started. What a treat!

During the race, the 4 and 5 mile markers were missing. For runners without GPS, that makes it difficult to gauge your pace. Even with GPS, it is mentally challenging to not see the mile markers. Two women were questioning if they were near mile 5, and I was happy to tell them how close they were. I was also able to tell them when they were closing in on the last half and quarter mile. Hope makes tired legs run faster! It was the first 10K for one of them; how I love to witness others meeting their goals!

I chuckled as I ran with two other women, nearby. “…He was really upset. I told him to go out and use his gentle voice  and communicate with them.” I can’t get away from my job, even during a race.

After the race, I was able to congratulate Josh on placing 1st in his age division and 5th overall! I would have missed the opportunity, had I stayed in my comfy bed!

For my own accomplishments, I completed my 9th Geist event (7 half marathons and 2 10ks), which means I have participated every year since its inauguration. The race was humid and hilly with a headwind the last mile and a half, but so worth the effort!

What blessings I would have missed had I listened to my excuses (too tired, too old, too out of shape, too injured, too rainy). I was created to be a life participant, however that may look!

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