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Super Bowl Bound!

The Colts are in the Super Bowl, again!  Yea!  Terry and I were watching the game today at my mom and dad’s house.  The team was at about the 17-yard line, and CBS shaded the area between the goal line and 20-yard line.  Mom said, “Oh, it’s all red.”  I said matter-of-factly, “It’s the red zone.”  She said softly, “Oh.”  She hasn’t been a football fan that long and is still learning the game.  She laughed and said, “I’m glad there aren’t more people here.”  It really was pretty funny.

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I have finally gotten back into my calorie counting routine.  Yea!  I feel so much better now that I am eating nutrition dense foods instead of sugar and fat laden holiday food.   Sweets and fats are a food group, you just have to eat sparingly, and that word is not in my vocabulary in December.  Of course, I still eat chocolate.  Bite size chocolate is just enough to give you a taste of heaven without a huge calorie count.   Mmmmmm…

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Scared Lovely

Yesterday, I read most of the novel The Lovely Bones.  The story is about a murdered girl trying to reach out to her family as they deal with her death and try to find her killer.  My husband was out of town, and both of my boys decided to spend the night elsewhere.  I read until about midnight, then decided to take a shower.  I remembered that my Mary Kay order might have been delivered on the porch, and it could freeze if left outside.  So I went downstairs, opened the front door, and peered out – not there.  It was a very still night with a fairly thick fog…eerily quiet.  I quickly closed and locked the door, ran upstairs, and closed my bedroom door.  I got in the shower, but I couldn’t really enjoy it; I didn’t like the opaque barrier that the shower curtain created.  Besides, it stirred with the rhythm of the furnace and my body as I quickly washed.  My heart was racing as I pulled back the shower curtain and grabbed the towel.  Nothing.  This was so silly. 

I calmed down and started to relax, feeling the damp cleanliness of my skin as I put on my pajamas.  Still, I locked the bedroom door.  I felt safe again and actually felt a peace in the quiet aloneness of the night.  I slipped into bed and turned off the bedside lamp.  I was wrapped in my blankets, the house wrapped by the fog.  I took a deep breath and nodded off in the quiet night.

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Defining Moment

Today I had a friend on Facebook list me as an athlete on an application that lets you tag your friends on a poster.  I had never really considered myself a true athlete, more like someone who exercised so that they could eat ice cream and not hit the obese section on the BMI chart.  My goal had always been to not be last in competition, not so lofty a goal.  I had the “run to eat” not “eat to run” mentality. 

Things are slowly changing, though.  I am actually trying to get my 5K to under 28 minutes by March 6 so that I can have a preferred start in the 500 Festival Mini Marathon coming up in May.  I think about how a food will fuel my body before I eat it; although, I still eat ice cream and cheesecake once in a while – but not together!  So, maybe, at age 45 almost 46, I am becoming somewhat of an athlete.  Wow!

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Damage Assessment

Well, the holidays are over.  Whew!  I really miss having a routine, especially when it comes to eating.  I kept up with the exercise, but I still gained 5-6 pounds that are hanging around.  Today I dropped a pound, so I am on the rebound.  My new goal for spring is to run a 5K in 28 minutes or less, so that I can get preferential placement in the Mini-Marathon.  Losing those pounds will definitely help my time.  Now, if we can just get rid of the ice and snow; running inside on an eighth mile track is really boring.

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