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More Snow…Bring It!

The forecast for the next couple of days calls for more snow, lots more snow. Ice is also forecasted. Frankly, I would take snow over ice. I would be ecstatic if we only get rain, even if we don’t get a snow day. After the last large snowfall prediction, we only got about an inch or two. Let’s hope they get it wrong this time, also. I’m ready for spring.

Lots of people make fun of those who run out for bread, milk, and eggs when the weatherman forecasts a big snowfall. I admit it, I did go to the store tonight and get milk and eggs (already had a loaf of bread). What if I want to bake? What if I want French toast or pancakes for breakfast? Being prepared lets me do things on a snow day that my schedule normally doesn’t allow. So, laugh if you must, but I will be smiling while I eat a nice, hot breakfast.

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Favorites of the Week

A friend of mine started blogging her favorite things from the week. I think I will give this positive posting idea a try. Here are my favorites from this week:

  • Partnering with a second grader during a PE activity with one person blindfolded and one giving directions on how to do exercises on fitness dots (i.e.: move your legs in and out and your arms up and down…jumping jacks!). It was precious how he used his patient teacher voice as he gave me the descriptions, along with “good job” when I got it right. Note: there was a sighted adult in the room while I was blindfolded.
  • Watching a rough and tough, middle school boy gently lead a fragile, middle school girl during the same activity mentioned above. He even held her hand as he led her around the dots.
  • Learning that I can run three miles with a partner and talk at the same time. I usually run alone and save the talking for a brisk walk. I enjoy my runs alone, but it was a nice break to have a running partner.
  • Having the house to myself for three days while my husband was away on business.
  • Having my husband back home again after being away for three days on business.

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I was waiting for pedestrians to cross a store parking lot today, and I noticed that they looked nervous and hurried. Maybe they thought I was going to floor it for extra points? I really did not mind waiting and was in no hurry to get anywhere. Then I waited for a car to back out of a parking space so that I could take it. Another car was coming up the aisle, but I did not care if they took the spot, even if it meant I might have to look for another one. I went in the store, got my things, and waited in line to check out. No big deal.

As I drove away, I wondered who was driving my car, because it clearly did not resemble me on a typical afternoon. I am usually rushing in, rushing out, rushing home, and thinking about how little time I have to get everything done. Where does all of this rushing get us? Usually I find myself dropping or tripping over things, tensing up, or venting. Sitting back and enjoying the moment, no matter what it brought, was very soothing. I have never felt such peace. Is this the peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7) and what it means to be content in any and every situation (Phil 4:12)? If so, I am going to try to give my future anxious thoughts to God and practice peace more often!

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Squirrels on My Computer

Have you ever heard someone say, “Squirrel!” when they get distracted by something?  Well, I feel like I live on a squirrel farm.  In particiluar, the squirrels are running wild when I am on the computer.

Take last Saturday morning, for example.  I sat down at the computer to get the amount of my son’s tuition payment.  I got side tracked and completed about five other things that I had wanted to get done the previous week.  I got off of the computer and remembered I had not completed the one task I had signed on to do.  Not only that, I was going to run late getting to the bank.  I did manage to get a lot done after I left home.  Upon my return around 3 p.m., I told my sweet husband, who worked from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m., about all the errands that I had completed while out and about.  He said, “Wow, you got a lot done today!”  I am glad he did not see the list of things I had intended on getting completed!

This morning is following the same pattern.  I have my list of things I want to get done, but the squirrels are loose.  It is already 11:30 a.m., and there is not one thing checked off of my “to do” list.  Wait, I did get one thing done; I got my login working on the computer again after a virus had it hijacked.  Maybe if I had skipped that, I would have more checked off of my list!

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Well, the big game is coming up this weekend.  My husband, a die-hard Packer fan, and I, a life-long Bears fan, may have to watch in separate rooms (wink, wink).  It is exciting that both teams made it to the NFC championship game!  Funny, my husband and I have so much in common, but we will always be loyal to two different teams in the NFC.  Although, I will put on a happy face and be glad for him if the Packers win, because I love him more than a team.  At least we have the AFC Colts to cheer on together! 

It will be a fun weekend, but win or lose, I will go on with my life.  Football is entertainment.  It entertains me for 5-6 months, but in terms of eternity, there are way more important relationships.  There is only one God in my life, and it isn’t football.

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