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Tastes Like….Chicken?

Has anyone noticed that fresh, boneless chicken breasts from the chain stores are bigger and juicier than they remember from a decade ago, or even a couple of years ago?  My husband has commented in the last year or so how juicy my grilled chicken is; I haven’t changed my cooking methods, so it must be the chicken.  It also tastes different.  I looked again at the packaging label; it contains no more than 15% added chicken broth, and the broth ingredients are chicken broth, sea salt, and natural flavorings.  The sodium content is higher than natural chicken.  It says it is “All Natural,” but my chicken breasts have been enhanced!  At least they used saline and not silicone.

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New Order Grocery Shopping

It is now over a week since I started the “no junk food” campaign in our home.  I went grocery shopping Saturday; it was like going alone through a spooky, enchanted forest.  As I went up and down the isles, bright yellow sale tags jumped out at me:  Swiss Cake Rolls, 99¢; Lay’s Potato Chips, buy one, get one free; Lay’s Individual Bag Combo Packs, $1 off; Oreos, save 50¢.   For a split second, I thought about how long it had been since I had a Lay’s potato chip, then I shook it off and moved quickly on by.  As I continued through the store, the tempting tags beckoned to me, but I came out of the grocery victorious, having slain the urges to buy processed foods!

Question:  Even though Lay’s Original Potato Chips have a high fat content, they also have a high potassium content.  They are made with only sliced, real potatoes, oil, and salt, are preservative free, and have no artificial additives.  Does this mean that, in moderation, they would be an acceptable all natural snack?

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I am a RUNNER!

As I signed up for the local running/walking club (Indy Runners), I had to check either ‘runner’ or ‘walker.’  It felt kind of funny to check ‘runner,’ because I have always been a self-professed non-runner (walker); my husband has always been the runner of the family.  My, how things change over 40-some years.  I threw shotput and discus in track during high school, because I hated running.  I tried to become a runner many times over the years, but it never really took. 

Why the change?  Maybe my custom-made shoe orthotics have some magical powers (or not, since my times are not exactly breaking any records).  Maybe it is because I am finally able to run long enough to get a runner’s high, the euphoria that makes you feel like you could run all day.  Or is it because I have learned how to listen to my body, after many sessions of physical therapy over the years?  Whatever the reason, I love it!

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Still Running Outside

So far this winter, I have avoided running inside.  Running indoors makes me want to throw up, literally; I get way too hot.  I have gone two days in-between runs a few times, but I have not had to get on the indoor track.  Today, the roads were partially clean of snow, but I was able to get three miles in.  I didn’t see anyone else out running, but all of the people blowing or shoveling their driveways all waved as I went by!

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The Resistance Begins

This morning I received the first comment regarding the lack of highly processed foods in the pantry.  My eldest son was looking for something to eat for breakfast and commented, “I wish we had some Swiss Cake Rolls or something.”  I explained our new food philosophy of eating foods, and the ingredients to make them, as close to their origins as possible.  He laughed and said, “Well, I’m glad I am going back to school today.” 

There were plenty of breakfast items available (fresh fruits, cereals, eggs, toast, etc.), but his generation seems to want it fast, not necessarily nutritious.  If they can not open the package in 10 seconds and start eating, it’s too much work.  I remember telling my children about 12 years ago that we did not have a microwave in our home when I was their age.  They asked in astonishment how we warmed our food and struggled with the concept of using the stove top or oven to reheat leftovers.

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