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This is the first post I have tried from my phone. I hope it posts correctly.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I have to give a shout out to the state of Wisconsin (via the good Lord’s palette) for a wonderful run yesterday. The shining sun, clear, blue sky, open fields, and gently rolling hills of the countryside were the perfect backdrop for an eight mile training run. Even the stiff, west wind could not dampen my spirits.

There were geese in the fields and a multitude of birdsongs in the air. At one point, I thought I could hear wild turkeys. What a different experience from the suburban streets back home.

Later, as we drove down the road, my husband asked me, “Did you see that dead deer in the ditch?”

Thankfully, no, I did not. I have seen flattened squirrels on the streets back home, but I am glad that my little slice of heaven in Wisconsin country was not spoiled by a decaying deer in the ditch.

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