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Blast from the Past Yum-Yum!

I was strolling through Super Target last week and stopped in my tracks. There, on the shelf at the checkout, sat Quaker Quisp cereal! I haven’t had Quisp’s sweet, corn goodness since the 70s. I grabbed a box, even though there is nothing nutritionally positive about it whatsoever (high in sodium and sugar, virtually no vitamins, minerals or fiber). Once I got home, I poured a bowl, added milk, and tasted my childhood. How sweet! The crunch, the taste, the smell, all transported me back to a time long ago. I will not feel guilty about eating those empty calories; it is perfectly acceptable to indulge once in a great while, and I think waiting 30 years fits that bill. What food would you like to eat from your childhood that is missing from the grocery shelves?


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Annual Fireworks Extravaganza

We had heaps of fun July 4th, celebrating with swimming, food, lawn tractor rides, and fireworks at my parents’ house. As it grew dark, the little children had fun waving sparklers and the big boys had fun lighting fireworks. It is quite entertaining to watch four men in their 40s get excited about blowing things up. Purchasing the explosives, strategizing on the best method for launching without losing any appendages, and execution of the fireworks show, every step of the event brings them joy. My 68-year-old dad and 15-year-old nephew got in on a little of the action; the rest of us sat on the driveway at the top of the hill and watched from a relatively safe distance, with the exception of a curious 10 and 12-year-old that watched more closely.

To give them credit, the show was really beautiful and rivaled the park’s fireworks that we could see in the sky above the treeline. The evening ended with only one casualty, a sparkler burn on my 5-year-old niece. Those sparklers just look innocent!

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