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Snowbound and Loving It

In the last couple of days, temperatures were well below zero, the windchill was a dangerous 30-40 degrees below zero, and the sky dumped almost a foot of snow in less than 24 hours. Schools and governments shut down, roads and highways closed, and power outages reported. What to do?

Some may see this as a crisis, but on social media I have seen posts describing families playing together in the snow, family game nights, neighbors and strangers helping one another, and people having fun cooking at home instead of eating at restaurants. One family was enjoying the loss of power so much that they turned the lights back off after crews restored the power. Speaking of crews, thank you for your dedication and efforts in this cruel weather.

For me, I have enjoyed the quiet and stress free life of having no place to go, no commitments to fulfill, and the time to putter around my home. I also have had the time to cook AND clean up. The typical work day is up, shower, eat, drive, work 8-9 hours (sometimes longer), make phone calls during my commute home, grocery shop, workout, cook, clean up, laundry, prepare to do over the next day. A couple of nights a week, I also attend Bible study.


My favorite activity the last couple of days was cooking soup. I have a sensitivity to canned soup, so I make my own, when I have the time. After two days, two stock pots, three pans, one crockpot, and many spoons, I now have 11 servings of soup (chicken and beef) in the freezer for school lunches, after my husband and I ate two meals from the original batches. If only I had gotten the standup deep freezer I asked for at Christmas, I could have made more. If I ration the frozen servings and the weather breaks by the end of February, I think I can get through the winter without making another mess, I mean batch.

The one thing I do miss is running! It is dangerously cold outside, and even this crazy, avid runner will not run with these temperatures and slick roads. Better to run another day than to go out and get hurt today. The travel restriction is upgraded from a warning to a watch, but the gym is still closed. My solution is to cover all exposed skin and take a snowy hike. Now would be a great time to have a pair of snow skis or snow shoes, but that will have to wait until next Christmas.

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