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Scary Camping

We camped over the Fall Break weekend at Shakamak State Park.  It was their Halloween Weekend, so we joined the fun.  There was a Haunted Pool House; that wasn’t too scary, but had some cool effects.  The scariest part was a little girl zombie that was saying, “Want to play?” in a sing-song voice. 

My brother and I had campsites next to each other, so we decorated the trees and brush by the road between our sites.  We had a short, spooky fence with skulls, skull string lights, a giant spider hanging from the tree branch, two fog machines, glow-in-the-dark spider webbing, scary music, etc.  One of the best parts was a body bag marked “City Morgue.”  People walked around during the day and looked at all of the decorated sites.  A little boy about 8 years-old stopped by our set-up and asked what was in the bag.  My husband told him he would have to come back later that night and find out. 

That night was trick-or-treating from campsite to campsite.  During trick-or-treating, my husband, brother, and a friend of my brother dressed up as part of the campsite decoration.  My brother dressed in a red robe and wore a red devil mask.  My husband dressed in a skeleton suit and laid partly in the body bag.  Their friend dressed as Michael Myers from the Halloween movies.  They stood frozen and baited people in who were wondering what part of the set-up was real.  My sister-in-law and I sat next to the scene, passing out candy and watching people’s reactions; I also had the job of lowering/raising the big spider for awhile.  It was awesome! 

Here are the top 6 memories of the night:

6.  The first group had a lady that said, “If you scare me, I’m going to kick you in the balls.”  Needless to say, the red devil and skeleton on the ground didn’t move.  After quickly assessing if he was at a safe distance, Michael Myers made a move and scared her.  She didn’t follow through with her  threat, thankfully.

5.  A group had their dog with them.  The dog started barking at my brother with the devil mask.  My brother got on all fours and was growling at the dog.  The dog pulled on his leash and kept barking; my brother crawled forwarding, growling. 

4.  The little guy that wanted to know what was in the body bag came by, but he wouldn’t get close to look.  His dad kept trying to get him to come closer.  A girl about 11, walked up talking all brave.  When my husband lifted up and yelled, she screamed and back pedaled, bent in half and almost falling over.  The dad said, “She isn’t with us, but that was cool!” 

3.  A boy said his sister’s name, Lexie.  After they got their candy, my husband, the skeleton, lifted up and growled, “Lexieeeeee.”  Her jaw dropped open and she screamed, well, like a little girl.  

2.   Two moms came back and asked if our guys would scare their boys.  Of course they would!  I asked what their names were…Kevin, Bryce, and Kyle.  As the moms left to get the boys, my brother said, “I’ve got Kevin,” my husband said, “I’ve got Bryce,” my brother’s friend said, “And I’ve got Kyle.”  The boys walked up apprehensively, and the moms kept trying to get them to come closer.  As the boys got closer, the devil, skeleton, and Michael Myers moved one at a time, saying their names, “Kevin,” “Bryce,” “Kyle.”  Those boys were freaking out!! They were running in different directions, running into each other and trapped by the candy table. 

1.  And the best memory of the night was a little boy of about 3 years-old dressed as a dinosaur.  My husband lifted up and did a little “Boo” so he wouldn’t be too scary.  The little boy’s eyes got really wide, and he stood frozen for a moment.  Then he started growling at my husband.  The guys started laughing, and the little boy kept growling…too cute!

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Fun Fitness

Walked (ran a very little) in a half marathon yesterday with my friends Alli and Lindsay.  Here are some highlights:

  • Was the first half marathon for Alli 
  • The weather was beautiful.
  • My bladder was about to burst, so I stopped at the port-o-potty, not a highlight.
  • Ran to catch up with Alli and Lindsay after using port-o-potty.
  • One water station handed out strawberry Pop-Tarts…yum! Since I was walking, I took one.
  • Saw my first barefoot runner finishing the full marathon…crazy!

It was a great race.  Afterward, I walked another six miles to complete one day’s distance for the breast cancer walk that I didn’t get to complete due to not receiving the minimum 1,200 dollars in donations.  During that six miles my husband walked with me, and we stopped by the Dairy Queen on the way back, of course!

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Old and Naive

We were downtown last night celebrating our son’s birthday.  As some of us were leaving the restaurant, a man walked up and said he was looking to catch the bus to the eastside.  I started to look around for a bus stop to help the guy find his way while three men from the family were telling him they didn’t have any money.  He looked at me rather strangely.  I wonder what he thought I was looking for?

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5K Fun in the Rain



Rain at Race
After rainy race

After rainy race - Still smiling!

It started to sprinkle and was around 55 degrees as I drove over to pick up the gals.  The weatherman had said rain in the afternoon.  Hmmmm…   The pre-race speaker finished with, “And don’t get too wet.”  It started to rain harder for a minute or two as soon as he spoke those words; who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?!  We still had a good time, and the grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch after a hot shower was divine!

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