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Grilled PB&J

A couple of coworkers suggested I try a grilled PB&J sandwich.  I waited to try it on a day that I hadn’t already eaten too many holiday goodies.  I sat down with my perfectly toasted sandwich, Lay’s original potato chips, and a glass of milk, not a very colorful plate.  As described, I would need the chips to scoop up the gooey, melted peanut butter that would be dripping from the sandwich.  I guess I was a little too conservative, because there wasn’t any dripping peanut butter.  That was a little disappointing.  The toasted bread had a nice crunch.  I’m not sold on it, but I might try it one more time with more filling.  It will have to wait until I have lost the 7 or so pounds that I gained over the holidays, though.

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