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Running Strong

I am so excited!  I ran four miles without stopping on two different days this week.  I can’t believe it!  I think I am getting addicted; I want to run, run, run!  It sure helps that the weather has been just gorgeous (sunny and 50-60 degrees).

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Fitness Safety

My husband said he worries about me running on trails by myself.  I stated that my attacker better get a good whack in, or he would definitely be sorry he messed with me; I am not really into playing the part of a victim.  I grew up surrounded by brothers and boy cousins, so I have experience in holding my own.  Of course, there was the time last summer I thought I should try to take some sort of precaution, so I ran with my car key in my hand with the long, metal part sticking out from the bottom of my palm.  I was cruising along, stumbled on a root, and dropped the key.  I guess my self-defense moves are sort of like Elektra meets Goofy.  Still, I pity the fool that tries anything during the height of PMS.  A woman jacked up on hormones can do some real damage.

Seriously though, I stay alert and aware of my surroundings, and there are usually plenty of people around when I am out.

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No Mistakes in Life

Well, the dentist worked on my teeth a little more.  The bite feels more even now.  I hope after the mouth weirdness  goes away (from sitting with my mouth wide open and my teeth being ground on) that my bite will be tolerable.  If it means no jaw, gum, tooth, ear, or sinus pain, I can live with weirdness. 

I am pretty used to weirdness of all kinds; weird pretty much describes most of my life.  Like looking down between my eye glasses edge and the floor, missing the first step and jumping/hopping down the rest of the steps to keep my balance; I landed on my feet, believe it or not.  I wish someone could have witnessed that awesome display of un-gracefulness.  Or deflecting a basketball coming at my face while my partner chest passes our ball and hits me square on the left side of the chest (think family jewels for women).  How about going for a pass and having your shoe catch the carpet, only to have the rest of your body keep moving causing you to stumble backwards and fall on your bum.  Yep, the 4th, 5th and 6th graders got a giggle out of that.  And this all happened in the last 24 hours.  My husband says I shouldn’t leave the house without wearing bubble wrap.

With all the weirdness of life, are there really any accidents?  Take my dentist experience, for example.  After getting my bite “fixed,” I stopped by the checkout desk.  On the flip calendar was the most beautiful saying:

“Confide in God, be patient, weep if your heart is sore, but love always, and wait and trust.  Sorrow will pass, but God will remain forever.”

I have a friend whose father’s funeral was today.  Did I need to go back to the dentist, or did I need to read that message?  Are there really ever any accidents in life? 

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28

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I got my teeth cleaned the other day.  I wasn’t expecting any trouble; I just wanted the basic maintenance.  The hygienist asked me if I was having any problems.  I told her that I was having a little pain on one side with my lower molars, but it was only once in a while.  She proceeded to clean my teeth.  All went well, until the dentist came in to take a look.  The hygienist told her about the little pain I was having. 

The dentist’s reaction:  “Bite down on this paper.  Open up.  We will grind down this crown.  How is that?  Pressure on eye tooth?  Let’s grind that.  How’s that?”  

I couldn’t tell, because at this point, my mouth felt strange all over. 

“Call back in a couple of days if it doesn’t feel right.”  She handed me my glasses and keys and that was that. 

Now my bite and front teeth feel weird.  I go back tomorrow to have it “fixed.”  Shudder… 

The next time I go to the dentist and they ask me if I am having any problems, I am going to keep my mouth shut.  Of course, that will make it difficult to clean my teeth.

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It was a beautiful day!  It doesn’t matter that my ankle started hurting 3/4 of the way through my run (and still hurts), the cartons of orange juice fell over and smooshed the bread on the way home from the store, the flashlight rolled off the dashboard and hit the top of my knee on the way home from small group, or that we came home to find water coming out from underneath the washer.  It was a fifty-nine degree, sun shining, blue sky day, and somehow that makes everything okay.

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