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I was playing badminton with the kids on Friday, and today my right ankle is swollen and left knee hurts.  Apparently, I can run/walk 26.2 miles over rough, hilly terrain, but I can’t play games where you have to run a few feet and stop suddenly.  What is up with that?  I hope it doesn’t take long to heal; I want to RUN!

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I am a Marathoner!!

Terry and I completed our first marathon (a trail marathon) yesterday!  He could have finished much faster, but he stayed with me.  I am thankful that he did; I needed his support, especially at miles 18-23.  He encouraged me to run 3/4 of the last mile so that I could beat 7 hours.  God is so good; I didn’t know if I had enough physical or mental preparation, but He saw me through.  Thanks, also, to all the people who supported me; Kara, the signs were a great inspiration!  Race details are below.

  • 26.2  –  # of miles completed
  • 06:58:49  –  time it took to complete
  • 26  –  # of stream/water crossings
  • 17  –  degrees at start of race
  • 1  –  fall on frozen, icy mud
  • too many to count  –  hills, mud bogs, jumps, leaps
  • a day in the woods finishing my first marathon with my Honey  –  priceless

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