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Not Disappointed

I had a Reese’s mini Blizzard and it was just right!  I can’t eat these everyday, they are still around 340 calories for the candy versions, but when I really want a treat I can eat a mini and feel satisfied, not bloated.  Thanks, DQ!

P.S.  I can ride my bike to our DQ, but I haven’t taken advantage of that, yet.  Then I could feel like I burned some of those calories just getting there.

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New Size of Yum

I found out today that Dairy Queen now has a mini-sized Blizzard.  I am so excited and can’t wait to try it!!  I usually get a small dish of ice cream topped with Blizzard ingredients, but it doesn’t taste quite the same.  My daughter had one yesterday and said it was the perfect size.  Now I can have the treat and not feel like there is an inflated balloon in my stomach.  Yea!!

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Trick Cycling

My husband and I took a quick ride around a couple of neighborhoods the other night.  We were on the bike path, which crosses several streets entering the neighborhoods. Just before each street, I looked behind me to make sure no cars were turning.  When I saw that it was clear, I would just fly through the sloped opening cut into the curb and across the street to the other side. 

I had my sunglasses on since the sun was shining when we left, but now it was getting dusk.  In the shadowy light, I was having a little trouble with seeing details and depth perception.   I got to one of the last street crossings, looked behind me for cars, and at the last second saw that the path made a short zigzag before declining to the street.  I very quickly maneuvered my bike around the crooked path and down the ramp, narrowly missing a jump off of the eight-inch curb.  My husband, who was behind me, yelled out as he laughed, “I can’t believe you made that!  You should have seen it; that was awesome!”  I wonder what I would have looked like had I jumped the curb.

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