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The best thing about this week’s favorites (besides Valentine’s Day) is the weather. The snow and ice gave way to warm, sunny days. It was wonderful to breathe in the first hints of spring. Without cold, snowy winters, would we appreciate the mild weather as fully? And now, the list:

  • Valentine’s Day with my Honey
  • 60 degree weather
  • Melted snow
  • Seeing the sidewalks and lawns again
  • Dinner with friends, twice
  • Supporting a colleague as he coached at the IHSAA Wrestling State Finals (a 4th and two 6th places!)
  • Air popped corn with real butter
  • A weekend with no schedule

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Nature’s Air Conditioning

I went running yesterday; it was 64 degrees in February! It felt good to run in capris and short sleeves instead of long pants, jacket, gloves, and a hat. I was almost too warm at times, but the breeze blowing across the snow in places made for some nice air conditioning. It was a run that was good for the soul. So far, I still have been able to avoid running inside this winter; the timing of snow and clear roads has been perfect. It would be nice to keep the combination of snow on the ground and 60s this summer, when it will probably be 80s and 80% humidity, but I guess I would need to head to the mountains for that to happen. Montana, here I come!

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Valentine’s Day Everyday

I was trying to think of something special to do for my sweet husband for Valentine’s Day. Last year it fell on a Sunday, and we stayed in a hotel and went sledding and hiking at a snowy state park. The holiday fell on a Monday this year, so that limited the time we would be together. We are trying to eat healthier, so chocolates were out. He’s not really a flower type of guy. We already ate out two times over the weekend and were feeling a little ill from it. And then a thought came to me, everyday with him feels as special as Valentine’s Day. What is better than that?

So, we ended up exchanging the perfect cards, eating heart-shaped pancakes for dinner (that looked more like Africa than hearts), did not log on to the computer the entire night, and we spent a quiet, romantic evening at home. I can’t think of a better, weeknight Valentine’s Day.

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I will just jump right in:

  • The temperature was above freezing at least 3 days this week, and today was 50 and sunny!
  • Euchre with friends last Friday night
  • Mrs. Williams’ yummy cheesecake
  • Mellow Mushroom pretzels
  • A sleepover with our grandson last night (Saturday)
  • Seeing reminders around the house of our grandson having spent the night (bath toys, his scent on our clothes and in the air, smudges, a piece of banana stuck to the chair, etc.)

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Apparently, Valentine’s Day is another holiday that is becoming self-centered. Remember the Christmas commercials with the message that you should give yourself a gift, because you deserved a new car or some other extravagant item? As I searched for the perfect Valentine’s Day card for my sweet hubby, I came across cards that sounded like this:

  1. Outside of card: “I put together a cute butt, beautiful eyes, and warm smile
  2. Inside of card:  “And I got Me. Aren’t you lucky?”


  1. Outside of card: “You are so sweet to get me chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s Day”
  2. Inside of card:  “Because I so deserve it!”


  1. Outside of card: “I couldn’t decide what to get for the man who has everything”
  2. Inside of card: “After all, you have Me”

Really? What is this world coming to? I guess, according to the message being put out, it is coming to me.

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