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Sugar Busted

It has been over a week since I have had sugar of any kind, except those naturally occurring in Greek yogurt, the only starch I have had is some plain potato chips here and there, and rolled oats are the only complex carb I have eaten. Well, I did cheat last Sunday and had plain shredded wheat (no sugar, no salt, no anything) and some whole milk. The rest of my diet has been eggs, meats, and green beans. 

It has been tough watching people around me eat pancakes dripping with syrup, crispy bacon, sausage, sandwiches, fresh fruit, fries, creamy ice cream, flavorful salads, potatoes, bread, cookies, etc. I am realizing how addicting food (sugar, in particular) really is. If the withdrawal is this hard with food, how must it be with smoking, alcohol, and drugs? The only thing keeping me from eating the bag of Lindor truffles in the pantry is the fact that I cannot eat them if I want to figure out what this food sensitivity is. “I can’t” is more persuasive than “I don’t want to.” My elimination diet is controlling my consumption, but what happens when I start adding foods back? Then will power will have to kick in, and I hope I have been clean long enough that I don’t start old habits.

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April 1…I Was Fooled

We went to Wisconsin to visit my husband’s family for the weekend. The weather was forecast for the 60s and 70s, but only reached the 40s. I did not have the proper running gear for cooler weather, so I decided to wait and run when I got back to Indiana. My thinking was that I would enjoy the run more in warmer weather than fight the cold wind improperly attired.

April Fool! Who would have thought that it would be in the 70s at 7:15 p.m. on April 1 in Indiana? After mile two, I thought I was going to have a stroke; I am not a warm weather runner. I ran in a tank and compression shorts, with a two-toned, padded sports bra underneath. After a drink stop, I took off my tank. I figured my sports bra was stylish enough to wear by itself; besides, it covered more than a bikini, and let’s just say there isn’t much to cover, anyway. My husband and I passed each other in opposite directions, and all he said was, “Hot enough out?” with a smile. He knows I hate running in the heat. A family on bikes came toward me, and at this point I wondered if I was under dressed. As I ran by, a little boy of 6 or 7 said matter-of-factly, “Yep, it’s a bra.”

Would I do it again? Probably. I don’t want a little boy riding by and saying, “Look at that old lady on the ground.” I would not make a habit of wearing that ensemble, though; I would reserve it for emergencies only.

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