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I have had suicidal squirrels wait on the curb and run in front of my car as I drive by at 30-40 miles per hour. I thought that was dumb. Today, I was running on the Monon Trail and saw a squirrel ahead of me on the edge of the asphalt. Just as I came close to him or her, the squirrel darted across the trail, right in front of my feet. It’s not like it couldn’t see me coming at 6 mph; it had plenty of time to make its move. If I hadn’t stutter stepped, I may have kicked it. If I had, would I have fallen, or would the squirrel have flown through the air? I guess that would depend on the angle of my foot and the point of impact. As funny a sight as that might have been for other users of the trail, I’m glad I did not touch that furry rodent.

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