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You may think I am weird, but I LOVE to grill.  I don’t know if it is the reduced mess and clean-up or the actual grilling itself that enthralls me so much.  Actually, it is a combination of both.  And you can’t beat a fresh grilled hamburger for taste.  So, I was really bummed the other night when I tried to grill hamburgers and all I had were a little flame and little heat.  I had to finish the hamburgers in the microwave, because it was taking so long on the grill. 

My wonderful husband stayed up late last night and took apart the grill, cleaned out the burners, put it back together, and put in fresh ceramic briquettes.  I was so excited!  “Thank you, thank you,” I gushed.  He smiled and said, “Your welcome, Honey.  Now you can grill to your heart’s content.”  Tonight’s menu:  grilled chicken salad with cheese, walnuts, and cranberries.

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Basketball Anxiety

I am cheering on my Butler Bulldogs from the safety of my computer.  I was watching the game on television, but after a Butler player was called for a charge when the Duke player was moving his feet, a Duke player travelled and no call was made, and Duke was not being called for the body when Butler was, I had to distract myself and let my husband keep me posted.  I have now survived the first half without a stroke or heart attack, so I am feeling pretty good, even though Butler is down by one point at the half.

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Blown Away

We are visiting my in-laws in Wisconsin.  They live in a rural area (retired dairy farmers) with a lot of open fields.  The wind was blowing with gusts of 60 MPH+, which made my run quite a challenge.  I didn’t care about my pace; I was just excited to stay vertical!  Luckily the temperature was in the 70’s; that is highly unusual for the second day of April in Wisconsin.

The best thing so far about the trip was spending the afternoon with Terry’s niece’s little girls.  The oldest (3 years old) was playing with Terry’s dad (Great Papa).  They were telling her that she had to brush her teeth or they would fall out.  Terry’s dad took his teeth out…the frozen look on her face was priceless!  She then proceeded to try to take out her own teeth!

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