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After over a week of reducing my added sugar and saying no to cookies, cakes, candy, pies, and pastries, PMS has reared its ugly head. It was nearly 20 degrees above normal today, so my first indulgence was a stop at the local froyo. Ice cream was the one sweet I decided to keep on my acceptable list, so I wasn’t too upset by giving in to the melty, creamy deliciousness. Afterward, I felt kind of icky, which confirmed to me that giving up added sugar is a good thing.

After grocery shopping, I logged onto the computer. It was moving slowly, so I grabbed some plain, baked chips. I saw the Lindor Truffles in the cabinet. I tried to say no, but PMS had its grip on me. I was able to stop at one and a few chips, and realized shortly after that I was ready to press on with the no added sugar plan.

I feel pretty good about being able to stop the sugar attack without too much damage, but I have to admit my gut doesn’t feel as good tonight as it has this past week without the added sugar. I hope I can remember this feeling in a month or so when the sweet and salty cravings monster pays another visit.

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The day started with itching and swelling in my throat, but by evening my symptoms have started to subside. I still have some itching, but the throat feels better. I ate only the foods recommended low in salicylates most of the day, which left me quite hungry. I wasn’t supposed to have cereal, but I did have half a serving of Cherrios for breakfast with some toast; store-bought bread is also not recommended. I had plain oatmeal for snack and ground beef for lunch. I don’t have the hang of the diet, yet, so I don’t always know what to grab.

After school I was really hungry. I saw a Reese’s peanut butter cup in that teacher’s snack jar, and I even picked it up. Then I said to myself, “What are you doing? You are not eating candy!” I threw it back into the jar. I really wanted that comfort food, but I am glad I caught myself before I gave in to temptation. Besides, peanut butter is not on the list of approved foods. Sigh. I really don’t like being so careful and having to think so much about what I am eating.

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I am still holding my own with the reduced sugar lifestyle, but the irony is that replacing the sugar with other foods has actually had ill effects. I believe it may have started a few weeks ago with taking Vitamin B 100 Complex. Vitamin supplements from plant sources are high in salicylates, so are Cutie oranges, tea, spices in chai tea, orange juice, pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes, chicory, and honey. I have loaded up on these foods in the last week or more. Some of the side effects I experienced? Itching all over, breathing issues, dry cough, swelling of face, hands, feet, and throat, and itchy, burning eyes. I have had milder symptoms of these side effects in the past, but I blamed it on other sources. Also, I have had a scent sensitivity for more than 10 years, and just about anything perfumed has salicylates in them. All of the pieces of my weird health issues, like Meniere’s, are coming together, but I am not sure where I go from here.

I am hoping that after I detox a little, I will be able to eat some of these ‘healthy’ foods again, in moderation. I haven’t had a reaction from eating sugary foods in the past. I told my husband that Ding Dongs would not be giving me this reaction. In fact, sugar is one of the things you can eat without a reaction from salicylates, but I am not going to use that as an excuse to eat bad sugars. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!

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As of this morning, in three days of the reduced added sugar lifestyle, I have lost two pounds! I feel better, too. There are some benefits to missing a few of my favorite foods. Not that it has been easy. A coworker brought in four boxes of pastries this morning. The break room smelled wonderful, and that was as close to the sweets as I got. I stood by the table, inhaled the wonderful aroma, then left. Victory!

I was feeling hungry later, and when I came into the break room there were two boxes of donuts added to the pastries and a fruit tray. God bless the deliverer of the fruit tray!

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I still haven’t had any of the taboo sugary foods (cookies, cake, pastries, candy, etc.). I did try the chocolate Cheerios mixed with peanut butter Cheerios. It was okay, but the chocolate taste got a little lost. Next time, I will put a little more of the chocolate than the peanut butter. It only equaled a half serving, so still low on the sugar.

The Lara bars are good, but they do create some flatulence. Something I had (green tea? chai spices? chicory in Kashi oatmeal?) caused my face and part of  my body to itch and a lump in my throat. I never had that happen with a Reese’s cup. I try to do something good for myself and the reward is a revolt from my body.

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